Tuesday, September 1, 2009

still no new pictures at the moment, except for this one that i found and i think it's pretty cool. currently i am working on another comic where i get to pencil, ink and letter myself, and man, do i miss lindsay going over my work. not that i hate my inking or anything, but it makes a big difference.
as lindsay knows and probably hates me for it... i tend to overdraw sometimes. lindsay, so far has been great at simplifying my textures and details. also, she's really good at keeping things neat. when i ink my own work... i kinda go all over the place: spaltters are everywhere, textures and wakky and the random marks to indicate dents and scratches. essentially, when i kin my own work, everything looks like it's been knocked around a bit here and there. but even better, i'm so glad lauren is now helping in the project 'cus if there are shadows or shapes that must be added, lauren tackles those with her tines.

well... back to making a mess.

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