Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Found the grind stone

I'm not as scared of the internet as one might think..Okay maybe I am. BUT Look! I'm making an effort. Prepared the next ten pages of Friendly game for toning. Working backwards and taking them one "scene" at a time. That also will hopefully make the task of this book less daunting.

And looking at other people with awesome toning skills for inspiration...

Like this guy! Rafael Albuquerque!

The beginning of the semester was a bit of a blitz. Long story short- Savannah is going to be my home for a while longer and SCAD will be graced with my presence for a semester longer. I realized that there shouldn't be any kind of rush to move back home and away from other artists that can help/ inspire me. Looking for a new place to live however will exciting adventure

Staying Positive


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