Thursday, September 24, 2009

finally read it!

the comic "garage band" by gipi i've been wanting to read for over 8 months now finally became accessible to me thanks to the venice library in los angeles, california. and boy, i gotta say: it's better than i expected.
it's a simple story about a 4-members (drums, 2 guitars and vocals) band who are given a space to practice by the main character's dad. the rule is simple: stay out of trouble and you can keep using the space. simultaneously, the singer's dad gets him in contact with some record label man who has decided to give them a listen. a few days before their "audition"... an amp blows up, which means... no sound... which means... they're screwed out of an audition. after that, the story only gets better.
it also does a good job at balancing out a between how much to talk about each character, how much to talk about the band's conflict and how much to show them playing in the garage (cus' let;'s be honest, a large part of comic;s charm is to read the band playing and jamming). each band member is given a significant amount of time on their own so the reader can know where they are coming from. Stefano (singer)'s tense relations at home are well paralleled with Alex's awkward life with his mom and aunt but interestingly contrasted by Alberto's tender relatinship with his father AND guiliano's sweet relationship with his girlfriend. Still, once they are put in the same invironment, they have their own antics against each other but work well together because of the music they make.
overall, it's a soft and simple story well told about a garage band of teenagers.( something that many can identify it) it's very realistic from a story sense, tho the art style takes some "getting use to" (in my opinion, i think its a bit sloppy in some areas and could have used some richer colors in some spots)

if you find it. it's a good read.

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