Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Friendly Box

So I finally got around to organizing (a little) in the studio space at home and found my Friendly Box. It's not the first Friendly Box, but this one's been around for a little over a year and during my go-abouts from Savannah back to Paducah for summer and winter breaks from college, I would stuff any and all Friendly Game related things into it, mostly my inked pages. Sometimes there'd be other stuff floating around, but mostly the inks. Specifically, I feared foul play would happen if these pages were left in Savannah when I was gone over the breaks, so they would travel back with me just like my computer and fancy printing junk. I hadn't touched the box since moving a month ago, and I knew there was a lot of last minute non-book stuff that was jammed into it during the frantic moving business, as well as complete disorganization left over with some pages being in the box and some being in a portfolio from the SCAD Editor's Day.

In the pile-o-stuff picture, clockwise from 1 o'clock you have 125 inked pages (some that are going to be replaced with changed scenes), a stack of thumbnails, character sheets, and Google-image reference pictures (some that were rather icky...), Joe's copy of the script with his notations and coffee-stains, and a few pencils that managed to somehow hitch-hike back with me, also from Editor's Day scramble.

I'd forgotten that Joe had given me his print-out copies of the script he used while thumbnailin' / penciling...although I was the one to ask for it. Joe basically fixed any and all awkward pacing that I had going on in the script, scenes that were 2 pages evolved into 5 or 6 and worked out much better that way. Needless to say, such additions switch around where and what pages dialogues happen.
Because the pile of inked pages were SO THICK, I thought I'd measure them for grins. The carpet kinda interfers, but it looks around 3 inches thick, give or take considering the curl on some of the pages. So many spot blacks.......

The difference in artwork is really drastic, considering the first pages of this stack were started in the last year of our undergrad at SCAD and go through until the end of the 2 year MFA degree Joe and I both beat ourselves up with. There's the first fight scene page, and then the fight scene I was working on the other night......What's kinda funny is that all the original inks for such a grisly story have been carted around in a box that has one of those obnoxiously fluffy toy dogs on it. But it fit 11 x 17 paper

My brain's tired, so here's a few comparison and close-ups of my Friendly Box contents. Maybe by next time I'll have made it to Wal-Green's to get those ink-cartridge refills and print s'more blue-line pages.

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