Friday, August 28, 2009

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so, i had to make a quick trip to San Diego and visit family and i'm typing on their computer, in which i have no data, so, no image this time to go with the post, HOWEVER, i am typing this post for a particular reason.

i took my mom to the movies tonight to see what i thought was gonna be a mediocre film, and to my surprise, i enjoyed every bit of it. to all of those who are currently working on an on-going project and sometimes feel a bit down on the not so bright side of places... this movie was definetely a pad on the back. it's called "julie and julia."

it's about as girly as a movie can get, but it's also as motivating as a movie can make you feel to continue working on those projects that sometimes we wonder "who even gives a crap anyways". i wont go into details, cus then i wont shut up. normally i tend to dork out on these kinds of things, but for the moment, i will just say, if you wanna see a "feel good"... this is an awesome one. charming, sweet, funny and optimistic but at the same time, believeable and very entertaining.

smile. life is cool and things will get better.

thank you Dan Vado for giving this story we are still working on the opportunity to see the light of print. thank you for your support, patience and honesty. we, the friendly squad are ever grateful.

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