Saturday, September 12, 2009


well, i finished my first week at my new job, and i gotta say, i love it so much. the only down side is taht i dont get a lot of time to do other sketches, cus i'm already working on another comic, but, in general, i think i have one of the most wonderful jobs ever. not to mention, i do think it;s quite ironic that here we are working on a story about kids in adult scenarios.. and then there;s this job.

on another note, saw whiteout and lemme throw a huge shout-out to steve leiber, illustrator of Greg rucka's story. the film was awesome and very well followed the steps of what rucka and Leiber did. tho i do gotta say.. not a huge fan of the soundtrack, but, it was fun...

well, back to inking,,..

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