Saturday, September 19, 2009

comments must be made...

so, over the last couple of days i came across two art pieces that are really really cool, so, i wanna comment on them. the first one is Renne Lott's very first graphic novel titled "festering romance" out by ONI press. the story takes place in our dear past home, Savannah and it's about a girl (janet)attempting to make a new relationship work out without having to let go of her past. her better half (derek) is on the same boat. it's straight forward, sincere and yes, very cute. it begins with a very light feeling and not overwhelming at all for the course the story will be taking, which is a good thing, 'cus it doesnt make the reader feel forced into something, rather the story unveils itself in a simple manner as it goes along. basically, the story develops as it goes so it's a very well told story. the art for the book is highly cartoony manga-sque , which creates a neat contrast with the more serious undertones of the tale and one thing that can be said about renee's art style is that it is unique and authentic. she creates her own icons and lenguage to a character's mechanics. overall, it's a fun and enjoyable read. the art is solid and it's definetely one of those books with a strong message. check it out at

the second art piece that i bumped into was muse's new album the resistance. finally. after 3 years of waiting since their album "black holes and reveleation" here it is... and... there it was. first off.. i'm a muse fan, and it was interesting to see the band go back to the previous style they were using during the origin of symmetry and absolution isntead of the more dancy-but still enjoyable-techno rythms they did in black holes and revelations. the albums starts of with a "boom!" on its first track, and yes, we've all heard that "uprising" is very similar to a bunch of other songs, but, y'know what? so are those songs similar to others, and wtf, it's an enjoyable tune. after track one, the resistance only makes the album better and gives you a reason to pump the volume even higher. a big similarity to origin is distinguishable in "unnatural selection" and just as expected just as delivered. the song is a powerful melody that makes you wanna scream along " i want the truth". the biggest surprise in the album is the upbeat track "i belong to you" optimistic and unexpected, still blends well with the entirety of the album. and last but not least, yes... exogenesis... a 3-track symphony that tells a story of redemptions and regrets.

overall, the album is really good, but two things concern me: it's somewhat repetitive in its rhythms and specially in its lyrics. guitarist and singer matt b. talks about falling and questioning a union, as if there's more left unsaid on the page track that what he actually wrote. and the second concern is regarding the music, there are parts where it seems as if it does not go to the lengths muse has surpassed before. exogenesis could have been a whole lot better. but for what it is, it's a fun album, it's a well created album, well produced and i will say, impresively successful in blending styles such as chopin's writings into their united states. listen to it. it;s AWESOME. i'm about to it right now.

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