Saturday, February 27, 2010

and then there was a movie...

just cus i'm tired, i will say... watch whip it. dont watch valentine's day and karate kid is still awesome.

whip it is a total "girl power" raise of the underdog with a secret from her parents to follow her dreams" type of movie. it does every turn expected and and the characters are as generic and flat as you could get. HOWEVER. as a director, i was quite surprised by Drew Barrymore's perception of the script and the performances, all-around are quite cute. YET i do not say this with negativity, rather quite the contrary. ITS A MOVIE ABOUT ROLLER DURBY GIRLS. it's just fun. if the movie doesnt strike an interest within the first minutes, it is most likely that it will be a bland experience. BUT if given the opportunity... it's a very enjoyable flick. AND of course.. because it's my scratching comfort...
the soundtrack is really good.

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