Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so, the lettering and the toning are going better than assumed and we're looking at a good schedule to finally have this book finished, however, i'd like to talk about something i've been observing. working on films as a storyboard artist, i've noticed a few key differences in the language and i think it has to do with with the... facts that comics are drawings, films are real people. i know that sounds dumb and obvious, but it is the predominant difference.
the simplicity makes the difference. live-action films tend to be straight-on shots, as oppose to comics, where it's insisted that shot compositions are designed with dynamism.
in terms of shot-labeling, 3/4 profiles, medium shots, medium close-ups and so on, are not the same in one medium as they are in the other. live actions tends to be more distant, where in comics, medium shots are closer in to characters. even if the drawings are realistic or cartoony
...it's funny how it makes a difference...

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