Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alive, and a book exists!

Dang, keeping up with the internet and doing comics stuff gets kinda crazy sometimes. Here's a breakdown:

1. The book is done and exists! It premiered at San Diego Comic-Con a week-and-a-half-ish ago. The nice folks at SLG set Joe, Lauren and I up each day with a spot at the SLG booth for a few hours. Each day passers-by could take a peek through A Friendly Game, talk with us, and pick up a book signed by all three of us if they wished. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, and to SLG for being so rad to us newcomers!

2. It looks like A Friendly Game has been taken off the pre-order list on Amazon, so you can order it now from there as well! Not sure on the status of other online and physical stores, but we did get a nice compliment from a fellow in Canada who has it in stock and enjoyed it...Whether it's in stock everywhere will probably change in the next week or so.

3. We were interviewed by Tim O'Shea from Comic Book Resources for his column Talking Comics with Tim. You can read the article over here.

That's the quick rap-up. Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by to look at and get a copy of A Friendly Game at San Diego, and to SLG for having us there!

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