Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back around...

Ah, thumbnails... such an interesting process. it's like the rawest shape of the translation from text (THANKS Lindsay) to visuals. and tho most of the time it's just little 1''x1.5'' doodles (yeah, nowadays i thumbnail my pages in one by oneanaahalf areas.) it takes such a mental effort to attempt different ways to tell the story. it's really cool in that sense.
well, that was rich! the reason why i bring that up is cus i think i lost the sheet with the thmnails for the last pages. WOO!!!
but i'm happy to be back doing pages after a weekend of storyboarding and emailing and... drinking a lot, so... all in good times. but yes! back to the drawing board. the only problem is that now there's a bit of a set back cus i have to rethumb some stuff.

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