Saturday, January 16, 2010

well, happy new year internet. tho you dont care about us, we have missed you.
it is a new decade and i think it should be driven like a pogo stick: with both feet int he right direction. this week we got in touch with our editor, Dan Vado, and he was, as always, a dear. letting us know the details to lettering and, pretty much how we have to be working on the cover for this book, like... now...
fortunately, we are succeeding,
as that very day, i penciled it and just last night, lindsay has inked it. now, with the speed of a motherfuking cheetah, we will see lauren take on this image and crank it to 11. maybe 12.
so, for the first time in, like... a while, i'm getting a bit of a cold and i dont li
ke it, specially cus it makes the nose itchy and that's just obnoxious. but, as it normally goes, i will get better soon,a dnin the mean time... back to work.
a wonderful day seems on the rise, so. let's assure it occurs.

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