Sunday, January 17, 2010

i want to thank Dan Vado for the ery informative conversation we had last thursday. now Lindsay, lauren and I are picking up
the pace and finishing things as fast as we can. lauren has been doing a great job at toning. and lindsay, as always, the ever responsible has just finished what we hope to ve the final cover fo the book we've been working on for so long. i on the other hand occupy my time with freelance work, personal projects and... at some point, a personal life.
in the mean time. i will simply say that it is late, i am tired and i am glad to be working with such a team.
just becuase there;s booze int he ssystem i will say a big shout out to the periscope studio, the entire norris hall and those who have been supportive and hopeful to our
its been a long road, and it seems surreal to be at this point.
thaks again...


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