Monday, December 28, 2009

so, i finally saw that film that everyone was telling me great reviews. i just had to see it for myself, and MAN, i'm so glad they removed the talking bat from the new version of "ferngully".
"avatar" to me was, pretty much like a bimbo: beautiful to look at, but not a whole lotta substance, and used a few times here and there. whenever i told people i saw it, they asked the same question: was it good? well... it was definetely worth the cash i payed to see it in 3D... and i really was impressed with how they made it look, but... flying mountains dont awe me and giant flying creatures are always cool, but not a novelty. what i was most surprised about was how james cameron decided to use as many cliches as he did, and unfortunately, i was disappointed on how unoriginal "pandora" was a an alien world. this i type because i am fan of previous cameron films, but as i sat through this film, i wondered why was i watching a 161 version of disney's poccahontas and atlantis... i understand the plot devices and main story arc, but the film left me wishing cameron would have taken a different direction.
there were many instances in the film where characters stepped.."out of character" in order to push the plot, get a reaction of another character or to "just to explain something about the alien world for the audience." like i said.. forced.
butm, what do i know... it's just my thoughts, and the film seems to be quite popular. one way or another, it is entertaining, and worth seeing in 3D for the thrill of it. however, i do not conscider to be part of cameron's best repertoire.
dances with wolves/last sumurai are pretty much what the film is about, only on another planet that doesnt really require too much explanation other than "hey, we're spiritual, dont fuck with our home tree just because of your political interest in our soil for fuel."
on that same riff... he acting, i thought was pretty spiffy from all accounts, so, hurra to weaver, saldana, rodriguez, worthington, lang, moore, and of course... mr. risbi. always funny.

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