Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slightly behind

So November's been a bit more difficult to finish inking than October was. Combination of out-of-town family visits and some deadlines at work that zapped a lot of my energy. It looks like I'm not going to finish the redrawn opening pages by the 1st of December. At this point, it looks like I'll have less than 10 pages left to ink by then.

I ran into a doodle in an old sketchbook the other day using Friendly Game characters that dated back to August of 2005. Four years is a loooong time to still have these kids floating around, but that was back in the really early days, right around the time one of us or the other decided Joe should pencil and I should ink. We had started in the reverse of those jobs....Actually, when this originally started, it was a 24 page short story that Joe wanted to submit to a comic company as part an assignment in Comic Book Scripting.....Crazy business.

Back to the grindstone....Starting Saturdays with inking until the afternoon is pretty boss, but I'm pretty eager to jump into the lettering and get these kids talking.

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