Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild things were...

last night, after a very particular week, i went to see a movie for which i had unspecific expectations. where the wild things are seemed to be one of those films that had big shoes to fill due to its immense reputation as one of the most popular children's books of all times and for being directed by spike jonze. on top of that, it did have to carry the weight of being a children's film but still make the "fans who grew up with the book." in a way, it's as if the film had the same responsibility as max did when he arrived at the island of wild things: to make everyone happy or else, you get eaten."
tho the film is quiet and a at points too subtle, it delivers great emotion and makes about as much sense as the book does. visually beautiful and in sync with wonderful music written by(surprisingly) yeah yeah yeah's karen o. who does great arrangements and combinations of tribal sounds, choir-like uprisings and indie-orienteed guitar riffs, it's captivating and grasping turning a simple plot into a sympathetic emotional journey of a 10-year-old's tantrum about what's for dinner.
in short, it's very much worth the watch and discussion over.

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