Friday, August 28, 2009

no image this time/...

so, i had to make a quick trip to San Diego and visit family and i'm typing on their computer, in which i have no data, so, no image this time to go with the post, HOWEVER, i am typing this post for a particular reason.

i took my mom to the movies tonight to see what i thought was gonna be a mediocre film, and to my surprise, i enjoyed every bit of it. to all of those who are currently working on an on-going project and sometimes feel a bit down on the not so bright side of places... this movie was definetely a pad on the back. it's called "julie and julia."

it's about as girly as a movie can get, but it's also as motivating as a movie can make you feel to continue working on those projects that sometimes we wonder "who even gives a crap anyways". i wont go into details, cus then i wont shut up. normally i tend to dork out on these kinds of things, but for the moment, i will just say, if you wanna see a "feel good"... this is an awesome one. charming, sweet, funny and optimistic but at the same time, believeable and very entertaining.

smile. life is cool and things will get better.

thank you Dan Vado for giving this story we are still working on the opportunity to see the light of print. thank you for your support, patience and honesty. we, the friendly squad are ever grateful.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Workin' two shifts...

Lindsay here...will this mention I'm the one posting? I will freely admit to never touching these "blog" things you kids talk about and am clueless about the complete workings. For someone who's a website developer by day, I feel like a 6 year-old that's been chucked into the deep end of the pool...

Anyhow. Having a job that sticks you in front of a computer all day gives little reason to be tempted by the likes of Facebook and the various distractions of the internet (such as blogs...) This is actually a very good motivator when it comes to working on comic pages traditionally. I've kept a pretty consistent schedule of inking a page a night when I sit down to work, usually between 7 and 10 pm. It's not every night, granted. Moving from Savannah (GA) to Paducah (KY) took up a lot more time and energy that I thought...The weekday schedule's pretty consistent as of now: Day Job, Make/Eat Dinner, Mushy-Talk with Husband, Inking, Bed.

I've almost exhausted the backlog of blue-lined pages to ink that I had printed out before leaving Savannah, which means a trip to Wal-Greens for an ink refill to print more blue-lines. I'll post something about the wonders of the large-format HP printer used in the comics world to print at 11 x 17 format.

That's all I got for now, almost betime to start the schedule over again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back around...

Ah, thumbnails... such an interesting process. it's like the rawest shape of the translation from text (THANKS Lindsay) to visuals. and tho most of the time it's just little 1''x1.5'' doodles (yeah, nowadays i thumbnail my pages in one by oneanaahalf areas.) it takes such a mental effort to attempt different ways to tell the story. it's really cool in that sense.
well, that was rich! the reason why i bring that up is cus i think i lost the sheet with the thmnails for the last pages. WOO!!!
but i'm happy to be back doing pages after a weekend of storyboarding and emailing and... drinking a lot, so... all in good times. but yes! back to the drawing board. the only problem is that now there's a bit of a set back cus i have to rethumb some stuff.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hello sunday...

well.. so far... what a weekend...

the pencils are nearly finished except for a few more pages, and after that, lindsay and affe take command. meanwhile, miscellaneous sketches and whatnots will probably be a regularity, i guess, i dunno. just the other day, the durbinsky, lauren and i were discussing ideas for what could be a possible cover, and i dunno... we had a good dialogue session and thre some stuff around, but i wonder if that's gonna be more of vado's call. let's see what happens...

in other news, because i spend long hours awake and on the desk, i listen to a lot of documentaries and behind the music and behind the scenes stuff and lemme just say.. after watching a not so good film, i bumped into a documentary on the grand les paul (may he rest in peace) and boy oh boy... the dude was such a genius.
thank you mr. paul.

now.. back to drawing storyboards!

Friday, August 21, 2009


being the first post, i guess, i would like to type briefly about the nature of this project.
"a friendly game" has been a graphic novel that lindsay durbin, lauren affe and myself have been working on for quite some time. It is still being developed, but every time i more gets done on it, every time i am proud-er of this.
well... here goes some posts...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sound check-
sound check-